Colorado law changes could help parolees

Colorado makes it hard for people who committed felonies to enter back into the world; they have to go through probation without committing any other crimes. While the majority need to survive just 18 months without committing another crime to work their way back into a normal life, the actual length of parole could be years.

Coming out of prison, the first 18 months are critical to a person's successful reintegration. If a parolee makes it through 18 months, the likelihood of reintegrating successfully is much higher.

A new bill in Colorado could help felons get off parole sooner. House Bill 1092 would decrease some felons' time on parole from five to three years. This could help them avoid ending up back in prison.

As of this moment, people who are sentenced for Class 2 and 3 felonies must be on parole for five years once they're released from prison. Some of those felonies are severe and justify a five-year parole, but others, like nonviolent Class 2 felonies, should have lesser parole sentences. After approximately three years, it's believed that most parolees have done what they need to do to satisfy the terms of their parole.

If you commit a violent crime classified as a Class 2 or 3 felony, you'll likely see a five-year parole sentence if you're convicted. This potential change in the law could help you get out from under the watch of the Colorado Department of Corrections and back to your life.

Your attorney can give you more information on parole and what to expect in Colorado as the laws change.

Source: The Tribune, "Colorado bill would shorten parole time for some felons," Tommy Simmons, April 05, 2018

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