Several injured in crash involving restaurant in Colorado

Imagine going out to eat in town with one of your friends. It's the first time you've been out together in some time, and you're enjoying yourself.

Not long after you're seated, you hear screeching outside. Moments later, the vehicle drives straight through the wall of the restaurant where you're seated, injuring you and your friend.

Although it seems like something that might only happen in a movie, this is a problem that does happen in real life. Drivers who go over curbs could lose control and crash into buildings. Depending on where they crash, the effects could be devastating.

Take for example this case in Colorado. Several people eating at The Hornet Restaurant were in for a surprise when a vehicle came through the walls of the restaurant and struck them. This was not the first time that the restaurant had found itself the victim of a car crash. This time, it was as a result of a 51-year-old man speeding. He hit the curb, jumped it, hit a pedestrian and then struck the restaurant.

Fortunately, no one in this case was seriously injured. The vehicle hit a column as it entered the building, which helped bring it to a stop.

The driver has been cited for the crash. He received citations for not having proof of insurance, driving carelessly and for reckless driving.

Dangerously driving in a city or town puts people at risk. Drivers who take these risks lightly should be held accountable if and when they cause serious crashes. If you're hurt, know that you retain the right to pursue compensation.

Source: 4 CBS Denver, "Witness Recounts Car Crash Into Restaurant: ‘Bang & Glass & Screeching'," Feb. 14, 2018

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